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The “Customer Service Program” will help you learn critical skills for opening a customer technical call, refocusing upset callers, questioning, listening, and confirming understandings.  You will learn how to have a customer-focused attitude, using verbal skills to build rapport and practice proactive information-sharing in order to create an environment of excellence. Under the Workforce Investment Act: We help in preparing young people for the future workforce. It is our desire to ensure that the clients we serve receive quality job training, which will lead to self-sufficiency and improve their economic status.


 Also included are three separate sections:  “Sexual Harassment”, Bullying and “Insubordination” training needed for today’s workforce. Each participant will receive a 104 page manual and a sealed certificate for the course. This course is a Postsecondary Vocational Program. Upon completion, you will receive a portfolio with your resume, and a Customer Service Certificate with a pdf copy of both sent to their email address for distribution to employers. Total 32 hours. This Seminar can be customized to fit the Vendor’s request. Cost $500/participant. Discount for enrollment of 10 or more participants plus deep discount at your facility.

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