By appointment only! No-Walk-ins "Virtual Training"


4031 Vista Verde Drive, New Port Richey, Florida 34655



Telephone toll free 833-568-6652 and Fasilmile 727-810-3880

The goals of New Millennium Learning Center:

1) Provide participants with strong experience in, and understanding of, all aspects of an industry.

2) Ensure that all participants who engage in career and technical education programs are taught the same intense content aligned with challenging academic standards as are taught to all students.

3) Improve the technical skills of participants by strengthening the academic and career and technical education components relevant to their career and technical education aspirations.


We have qualified employment specialist who professionally screen potential employees based on your organization’s specific job description.  These are free services for employers.  Any job openings that you currently have please let me know and I can find a candidate that will fit your needs.  Our clientele skill levels range from entry level to highly specialized. 

By appointments only! Please call toll free 833-568-6652 

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